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Published on 07 Jan 2020 / In Sports

Hey guys what’s up, Assalamu Alaykum and welcome to Sunnah Active. This channel aims to inspire living an active Sunnah lifestyle; welcoming people of all communities and backgrounds.

Join me Ahmed, as I travel around the world and adventure alongside my wife and son. Prepare to be fascinated at the marvellous beauties of this earth as I explore and ponder over the creation which has been designed and perfected by divine decree.

Following my visits to various holiday hot spots I also provide a Halal travel review for each destination giving an overview of the trip and giving it a Halal rating so that families and individuals are well prepared when planning for their holidays.

Living an active Sunnah lifestyle however consists of more than just travelling, you can get involved with us in various community outreach projects as we initiate a diverse range of community programmes from doing fun activities with orphans to working with refugees. There are many ways you all can be involved in order to bring benefit as a community.

Let’s not forget how important it is to keep physically fit, I will be providing many workout videos and tips on how to develop strength, fitness and agility as well as mixed martial arts techniques which will equip you with the self-confidence and ability needed to defend yourself should a situation arise.

So guys please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and join our journey as we explore the world and develop together as human beings. It’s going to be a most exciting, enjoyable and beneficial journey for all!

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